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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Colorado Store Burglarized, Beth’s Personal Items Stolen

Dog The Bounty Hunter and his team are going to have a very personal case to embark on in the early AM, because the Colorado merchandise store owned by Dog and his late wife, Beth Chapman, has been totally ransacked. The Bible says it is an unforgivable sin to steal from the dead
LARGE CASH REWARD FOR ANY INFORMATION FIR WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS !!! — Duane Dog Chapman (@DogBountyHunter) August 2, 2019 Law enforcement sources tell The Blast, Dog Chapman was notified Thursday afternoon that a bunch of the merchandise inside the family store had been stolen.We’re told a member of Dog’s team went by the store, located in Edgewater, to handle some business when they stumbled upon the crime scene.According to our sources, thousands of dollars in clothing, and “Dog and Beth” merchandise from their various TV shows, had been stolen.To make matters worse, we’re told some of Beth’s personal items were stolen during the grab and go.Included among the stolen items, we’re told some of Beth’s personal bounty hunting gear was ransacked, as well as priceless family mementos.The personal items were arranged in the store as a makeshift memorial to the reality star and matriarch of the Chapman family.Considering Beth passed away just over a month ago, the Chapman family is distraught over the loss of precious items.It’s not out of the ordinary that Beth’s personal items were still at the shop, as Dog has spoken about the family leaving many of her things just as they were, upon her passing.We’re told other items that were taken were keepsakes brought by fans in the days after Beth’s tragic death.Our sources say police were called to the scene and the situation is currently under investigation.The burglary is even more problematic, as Dog has been warning fans about bootleg merchandise and bogus GoFundMe accounts that have been targeting loyal fans of Dog and Beth.Dog has explained that the official store is the only place to purchase official merchandise, and that the family was not looking for fans to send any money.Whoever did this to the Chapman family better hope that police find them first, because Dog the Bounty Hunter is on the hunt.UPDATE10:27 PM PT: After The Blast broke the story on the burglary, Dog offered a “LARGE CASH REWARD” for any information on the crime.More From The Blast

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