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‘RHOD’s Kary Brittingham Talks Clash With LeeAnne Locken & Teases A Final Confrontation

Kary Bittingham got very candid about her ‘indifferent’ relationship with her ‘RHOD’ costar LeeAnne Locken, teasing a confrontation with her at the end of the season, where fans will ‘see a lot of why’ they came to blows.

Kary Brittingham is telling her side of the story when it comes to the friction with her The Real Housewives of Dallas costar, LeeAnne Locken. The fourth season of the Bravo series premiered on Sept. 4, and the drama between the ladies has been building up ever since. The two are “just kind of indifferent” Kary told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I don’t know if it’s just personalities or how she…I don’t know. Maybe it’s just personalities it’s just never — we were never able to figure it out the whole season.”

The pair had a tough relationship before the fourth season even started. Kary blasted LeeAnne for accusing former RHOD star Cary Deuber‘s husband, Mark Deuber, of cheating on his wife at a gay bar, and made her convictions clear in the first episode of season four. Cary and LeeAnne, however, had resolved their own animosity over the claim and are still friends. From there, things only got worse. Upon inviting the cast to her home in Mexico, Kary’s friendship with LeeAnne became even more strained, as LeeAnne complained practically the entire trip about the long travel, the steps on Kary’s property, and even having to share a bed with Kary. Yikes!
Finally, things came to a head when Kary didn’t receive an invitation to LeeAnne’s wedding, a main storyline of the current season. LeeAnne made the excuse that Kary’s invite had been lost in the mail, but Kary didn’t buy it for a second. Rather, she was convinced that LeeAnne intentionally didn’t send her an invite. With tensions only building, the rest of season four will truly be full of drama.
Kary is not concerned about putting LeAnne on blast, though. “I have no problem telling people how I feel and I realize that I’m not going to get along with everybody,” she explained. “It was difficult, our friendship for sure.” The drama between the ladies will continue until the finale of the season, as well. “I don’t think it’s a big blow out,” Kary confessed. “You’ll see a lot of little things, and at the end, I think the finale, you’ll see a lot of why. And finally I confronted her and it was the end. But, yeah, I mean, you’ll have to see all of that.”
Prior to the show’s premiere, LeeAnne teased that there would be bad blood between her and Kary, telling HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on Sept. 4, that Kary “does not like me.” But the 52-year-old “could care less,” she admitted. “Brittingham is very, she’s just really, very set in her ways. She thinks she’s an Alpha and she wants to come in and tell everyone how to do everything. And I’ve just never been someone who takes direction well.”
LeeAnne’s been a mainstay of the show since it started in 2016. As a new cast member, Kary definitely has a lot up against her, but has made a few allies along the way. Kary said she enjoys “all of [her cast members],” but it’s Stephanie Hollman who she talks to “every single day.” “I’m super close to her and Kameron [Westcott],” Kary dished. The next episode of RHOD is on Bravo on Oct. 9.

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