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Lebron James Lacefront Hairpiece Falls Off During Game!!! (Pics)

LeBron James had an “oops” moment last night – as he led the Lakers to a win against the Utah Jazz.Lebron’s lacefront hairpiece came off mid-game, and it was captured on camera for millions of people to see.The NBA’s “King” has been relatively open about getting surgical assistance, to fix his receding hairline. But until now – we had no idea that LeBron wears a wig.Last night, LeBron was forced to work extra hard – and he sweat a lot. Unfortunately, all that extra sweat caused his wig glue to release – and the lakefront rolled back in the middle of his head. Look:Here’s a video of his teammate Anthony Davis giving Lebron a heads up (no pun intended) that his Lacefront is coming loose. .

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