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Makup Guru Supa Cent Catches Her Boyfriend Lou CHEATING!!!

Youtube star Supa Cent (real name Raynell Steward) is a New Orleans African American social media sensation who launched a successful makeup line. She’s young, beautiful, and incredibly successful.Unfortunately, according to Supa Cent, her man Lou has been cheating on her – and she was forced to drop him last night.Supa Cent and Lou have been all over social media for the past few months. Lou was just a regular guy. But after linking up with Supa Cent, he became a social media phenom.And with Lou’s new fame, came groupie. And unfortunately Lou couldn’t handle being faithful – and it appears that Lou ended up cheating on Supa Cent.Earlier this week, rumors began circulating on Instagram that Lou may’ve gotten a side chick pregnant.Initially Supa Cent stood by Lou – and blasted the pregnant side chick rumors.But MTO News has confirmed that Supa Cent has now officially dumped Lou. Here are the receipts – taken from Supa Cent and Lou’s Instagram last night. She was letting him have it: .

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