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Eddie Murphy Shoots Scenes for ‘Coming to America 2’


Eddie Murphy is deep into filing “Coming to America 2” and it’s gettin’ everyone plenty excited.
Eddie was on set in ATL in full Prince Akeem garb. He’s proudly wearing a New York Mets bomber jacket, with proclamations of his love of the Big Apple.  You see Eddie hold a wad of cash … presumably from scalping tickets.

Above you can see Arsenio Hall, who plays Semmi, and Paul Bates, who plays Oha, is also on hand.
The movie is maybe the biggest remake in the works this year.  People have been clamoring for the flick for years.  It’s scheduled to open wide in theaters in December, 2020.  Lots of people says it’s gonna be worth the wait.
By the way … the original “Coming to America” came out in 1988 — 31 years ago.  It’ll be 32 years by the time it comes out.

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