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OJ Simpson Sues Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel for Defamation

O.J. Simpson has belatedly fired back at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas … suing the hotel claiming it defamed him by banning him in 2017 after falsely accusing him of being drunk and disruptive.
The incident in question went down just weeks after Simpson was released from prison.  Simpson — who had been frequenting the hotel in the days prior — allegedly got into an altercation on Nov. 8th at Clique bar after flying into a drunken rage.
Sources told us … glasses were broken during the melee and the ex-NFL star was eventually told to leave, given a trespass notice and told to never come back.
But in his lawsuit, Simpson is adamant he was NOT drunk, he was NOT belligerent and did NOT break any glasses.  In fact, he says earlier in the evening a manager at the steakhouse in the hotel actually thanked him for being a gracious guest.
OJ says when he was leaving for the night someone from the hotel handed him a trespass notice and repeatedly said it was private property and he was not welcome back … ever.
He says his parole officer saw our story and visited him at his residence the next day, gave him a drug and alcohol test and they turned up clean.
Simpson, who calls himself a “model parolee with perfect performance.”  The reality … Simpson is fawned over by visitors all over Vegas.
Shortly after the incident, we got video of Simpson out and he said he had no clue what happened.

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