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Wendy Williams Reveals She Was With Eric B ‘Intimately’ & It Will Be A ‘Dramatic’ Storyline In Lifetime Movie

Wendy Williams dropped a relationship bombshell on her Nov. 14 show, and no one saw it coming! She revealed that she went through ‘severe things’ while she was intimately involved with hip hop icon, Eric B. And, you’ll get to see it play out in her 2020 Lifetime movie!

How you doin’, Eric B? — Because Wendy Williams says your “intimate relationship” will play out in a dramatic storyline in her upcoming Lifetime movie! The talk show host, 55, dropped the romance bombshell during Hot Topics on her November 14 show, and teased that fans will find out more about her relationship with the hip hop icon in 2020.
Wendy explained about her past with Eric B, who is the DJ for rap legend, Rakim, while discussing his recent arrest due to a 2002 bench warrant for failing to appear at sentencing 17 years ago. “So, I never really knew Ra back in the day, I knew Eric B, intimately,” Wendy said, to which her studio audience oohed with curiosity.

“A couple of very severe things happened to me while I was involved with Eric B., life lessons and you’ll see it because the movie’s a teachable moment,” she went on, and noted, “While it’s gonna be very dramatic, it’s a teachable moment.”
Wendy, who received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in October, went on to poke fun at the Blue Bloods actor for getting arrested on the same weekend he turned 56.
“Good morning Eric. Ra, your boy celebrated his 56th birthday in jail,” she teased. “Don’t say ‘Awe.’ Not when I explain to you what he did to me. But you have to wait for the movie. I have a movie coming out. I need the ratings. Still kinda cute there.”

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