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Model Kaylen Ward Plans Nude Sharing Platform To Fund Relief Efforts

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Model Kaylen Ward is working on a new crowdfunding initiative that could rival GoFundMe … a platform where hot chicks sell nudes to raise money for good causes across the globe.
Kaylen — known in social media circles as The Naked Philanthropist — tells TMZ she’s got grand plans of going global after dipping her toe in the nudes-for-relief-donations pool, having already raised $700,000 for Australian wildfire relief funds.

Here’s how it started … horny guys and girls who donated $10 to certain Australian fundraisers got a sultry snap from Kaylen. Talk about a win-win.
With her first go-round a rousing success, Kaylen tells us she wants other Instagram models to follow her lead … and with a wider range of nudes available on a single platform, she thinks they could solve pretty much any global problem.

Of course, any radical idea is met with haters … IG already deactivated her account, claiming she posted “sexually suggestive content.” Kaylen says she did nothing wrong, and Jason Derulo would most likely agree.
Kaylen tells us tons of celebs are now sliding into her DMs … and when you check out her gallery, it’s easy to see why. She could be on to something.

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