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Drake Breaks Bank On Heart-Shaped Necklace, Matching Bling With Future

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Drake is lavishing himself with some super-expensive custom jewelry … and one of his newest pieces is pointing towards a potential project with Future!!!
Our sources tell us Drake just dropped over $1 MILLION on a customized heart-shaped necklace, a pricey present for himself.

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Drake commissioned Gemma Fine Jewelry to make the chain, which comes in at a whopping 100 carats. We’re told the piece took several months to create — heart-shaped diamonds are in high demand, and are extremely difficult to fashion.
Champagne Papi’s adding to a growing collection of heart-shaped bling … he’s already got a diamond ring in the shape of a heart. Seems like this design is his new thing.

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As for the increasing rumblings of a Drake and Future album, check out their matching gold and silver pendants. We’re told the pieces, made by Jason of Beverly Hills, are each worth $200,000 and feature over half a kilo of gold and 40-carat diamonds.
Drake and Future had them delivered last month in Atlanta, just in time to shoot a new music video.


The matching pendants depict an owl and eagle side-by-side. As you know, the owl is the symbol for Drake’s label, OVO, and the eagle is the symbol for Future’s label, Freebandz.
Sooo … album collab coming soon?!?

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