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Love & Hiphop Chrissy Ran Down On Rihanna – Confronted Over Cheating Rumors!!

There was almost a fight at this weekend’s Roc Nation Brunch, MTO News has learned. That’s because Love & Hip Hop star Chrissy Lampkin allegedly ran down on Rihanna – too confront her about long ago rumors of her cheating with Chrissy’s fiancé Jim Jones.According to one of Rihanna’s friends – Chrissy from Love & Hip Hop came up to Rih at the Roc Nation brunch – and confronted her about rumors that Rihanna had allegedly cheated with Jim Jones years ago.Rih’s friend explained, “Chrissy was bringing up old sh*t that isn’t even true.” And she pulled up on the wrong ne.”Rihanna set Chrissy [straight]. She is rich and famous. But she’s a Caribbean gal so she’s always prepared to engaged in the f*ck sh*t too.”The incident was caught on camera – at least in part. In a clip from the brunch that went viral, Rihanna is seen standing in front of Chrissy with her arms crossed in a defiant manner. It’s pretty clear that Rihanna is upset with Chrissy. And while it is impossible to hear Rih in the clip, it appears that she is yelling or at least talking in a hostile manner to Chrissy.Luckily for all, both ladies kept it classy, and didn’t allow their heated discussion to get violent. .

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