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R&B Singer Summer Walker Unveils Nosejob – Has

R&B superstar Summer Walker recently underwent plastic surgery, to get a new nose. And MTO News has pics of both noses, showing her new nose looks much more “European” than her old one.Summer first burst onto the music scene in 2019. Her debut studio album, Over It was released on October 4, 2019 – and it quickly went of the top of the charts.But before Summer was an international music sensation, she had an interesting life. The Atlanta native was a stripper, who owned a cleaning business on the side. And while dancing, she had many surgical procedures to her body.Summer has been pretty open about talking about her butt and breast surgeries. But she’s never discussed her nose surgery.MTO News obtained images – showing her nose before and after the surgeries.Here’s pics of Summer before:And here’s what she looks like now: .

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