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Russell Wilson’s Mom Gave Him Critical Advice On Step-Parenting Baby Future

We have all heard the saying, mama knows best. However, does the saying we’ve heard throughout our lives serve to be true when it comes to relationships?

Before you respond, keep scrolling to see how Russell Wilson’s mom played a pivotal role in making sure her son was mentally prepared to be the loving husband we’ve come to admire.  

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Russell’s mother, Tammy Wilson, recently revealed the wisdom she shared in the early stages of her son’s relationship with his beautiful wife, Ciara—and naturally, we took note! 

“When he first told me about her, he sent me a picture. I’m like, ‘she looks familiar,’” Mama Wilson told the hosts on Sonya and Dell Curry’s Raising Fame podcast earlier this week. While she says she didn’t exactly follow her career, after watching a documentary, she questioned, “’Doesn’t she have a kid?'”

She went on to note that the question was not intended to be judgmental but instead a mom-moment. 

As you may know, before the Wilsons started dating in 2015, Ciara gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in 2014 by the name of Future Zahir Wilburn.  Baby Future is the child she shares with her rapper ex-fiancé, Future. The pair were in a relationship from 2013-2015.  

After some serious prayer for a “God-fearing man” (which she shared with us!), Ciara met the love of her life, Russell. Tying the knot in 2016, the duo have been living their best life! 

So, how did the question Mama Wilson asked play a part in the heart-warming love story? According to Mama Wilson, she was all about ensuring her son knew how to treat Ciara’s baby boy.

She recalled telling Russell: “If you’re really serious about it, then you have to love that kid as if it were your own. Even if that means giving that kid your name.” 

She continued, “If you’re going to be with someone who has a kid, you can’t treat that kid any differently than if he were yours.”

Can somebody say it louder for the people in the back? Preach, mama, preach! 

Five years later, we think it’s safe to assume Russell listened to his mother’s wisdom. Smart man!

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Not only has Russell been an amazing father figure for 5-year-old Future, but he’s also been a doting dad to their 2-year-old daughter Sienna Princess Wilson, who the couple welcomed in 2017.

Continuing to build their family, the couple recently announced that they are expecting again. Looks like like true love!

(Photo: George Pimentel/Getty Images)

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