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‘The Batman’ Stuntman Wearing Beanie & Glasses While Filming is a Sight

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“The Batman” isn’t all work and no play — as you can see he takes a load off whenever possible, and lets Hollywood magic do the rest. Case in point … cool-guy stuntman A.
Matt Reeves’ upcoming superhero epic about the early years of The Dark Knight is in the middle of filming right now out in Scotland — and on Saturday … the crew got some shots of Batsy riding around on his motorcycle. Well, sorta … they got a close-up of his arm.
Check it out … you see the stuntman — doesn’t really look like Robert Pattinson under there — sitting next to the Batbike which is on top of a moving platform being pulled by a truck. The dude’s got the Batsuit on, but he’s not rockin’ the cowl, ’cause there’s no need.


Looks like this shot is just of the hero’s arm gripping the handlebars, so the stunt double’s chilling with a beanie on and a pair of shades as they run through it a couple times.
This mild shoot day isn’t nearly as involved or complete as the one from a few days ago when what appeared to be another stuntman was doing a complete motorcycle ride through a graveyard, complete with a mask and some falls off the bike. Bat-mode, initiated!

Of course, this all comes about a week or so after Matt showed off what Pattinson’s gonna look like in a sneak peek test shot (more or less), which already had fans squawking.
As for this latest look … we’re getting Caped Ski Bum vibes.

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