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Sherri Shepherd Cries After Finding Out Her Son Won

Comedian Sherri Shepherd learned that her son would be at home until May, when his school hopes to reopen, and she reacted by breaking down on Instagram.“I’m so sorry, I just… I just found out that the Los Angeles Unified School District is pushing school back to — May 1st Jeffrey is going to be here for the rest of March — and he’s going to be doing online schooling for all of April… We’re gonna be together 24/7 until the 1st of May.”The actress appeared to be joking around.“I’ll be fine. I gotta cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for you for the next two months.”Shepherd is actually fortunate. Many states are considering remaining closed until the next academic year, which means that children may be stuck in the house with their parents until at least August.But social distancing is needed to keep as many lives safe as possible. .

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