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Laura Wasser Says Co-parents During Quarantine Must Be Reasonable, Adaptable

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Laura Wasser has some sage advice for co-parents during these days of quarantining — now’s not the time to be dumb or difficult … and if you are, it might cost you later.
The “Disso Queen” understands the challenges of co-parenting can be compounded during the coronavirus pandemic, so she’s urging moms and dads to be reasonable and adaptable until things calm down … for the good of the kids, of course.
Laura says trust between co-parents is critical right now, not only for normal custody reasons … but to make sure neither the parent or the child is disobeying social-distancing guidelines that could put extended, or especially elderly, family members at risk.
There’s also the issue of schooling. As you know, schools across the country are shut down or have gone to virtual classrooms to comply with “stay-at-home” orders … so Wasser says it’s important for co-parents to hammer out the best game plan for their kids to deal with that too.
So, what should a parent do if the other’s not being a team player? Laura has a good answer … and a pretty stark warning for any co-parent considering playing hardball.

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