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Dr. Oz Weighs in on Coronavirus Masks Debate, to Wear or Not to Wear

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Dr. Oz says there are positives and negatives to the public wearing surgical masks to combat the coronavirus, but says we should remember … those precious N95 masks ain’t your only option.
Oz tackled the raging debate about who should go mask on — only people with symptoms, all off us or save them all for medical professionals? He says it’s been confusing due to mixed messages from public officials and politicians.
He says the N95 masks are very effective, but he recommends saving those for first responders, nurses and doctors. For the rest of us, the doctor recommends making your own … and maybe even make a fashion statement with it.
Oz also warns against getting a false sense of security when you put on a mask — they can create an inadvertent risk, which he explains.
As for his time in quarantine — Dr. Oz spoke to us from his basement, and says that’s where he’s been for 10 days now. He’s urging everyone else to do the same, unless you absolutely need to go somewhere.
Oz admits he did have one reason to go out, and it’s a pretty good one.

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The doc has given us a series of helpful tips over the past month of the pandemic — from canceling handshakes to prescribing regular sex for quarantined couples — so keep an ear open for more.

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