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Issa Rae On Quarantine Life and Writing New Scripts

Issa Rae’s Lovebirds was one of the many films slated to be released this spring but delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Originally scheduled to hit theaters April 3, nearly a month later, the film, which also stars Kumail Nanjiani, is streaming on Netflix starting today. To promote the film’s release Rae and Nanijiani sat down with Entertainment Weekly via Zoom to talk about life in quarantine.

Issa said, “I just feel like we’re making terrible decisions, and we continue to.”

She continued, “I’ve been getting a lot done, I turned in two scripts and I’m working on the third one. But it’s like, you don’t even know if we’re going to be able to shoot these anytime soon. So now I’m like, am I working for nothing?”RELATED: Issa Rae On Need For Inclusion In Interracial RomancesRae also added, “I’ve reached that phase where it’s like, let me just be sad and wake up sad and not do anything. I’m trying to get back into my groove again.”

Nanijiani agreed,  “You’ll have these Zoom meetings and people will mention projects or deadlines and it’s like what are you talking about? None of this means anything. Sometimes when I’m writing it feels like I’m on a Fisher-Price computer, like ooh I’m writing a screenplay! It doesn’t feel like it’s connected to anything.”As for these Zoom interviews, Issa is not feeling it. “I feel like internet connections are gonna have to step up,”  she explained.

“I think people are going to try to get creative in terms of how they’re showcasing talent, and they already are — but I know as a viewer I’m not trying to watch a split-screen of Zoom that I also use on all my conference calls. That’s not appealing to me.”Well, if you need something appealing, Lovebirds can be watched now on Netflix. 

The Paramount film directed by Michael Showalter follows Rae and Nanjiani who are a complicated couple on the verge of breakup, but find themselves involved in a murder mystery. 

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