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Friends Is Available to Stream Again, So Let’s Talk About the 25 Best Episodes – E! Online

Finally, one of the most trivial of our long national nightmares has come to an end. Friends is available to stream again thanks to the arrival of HBO Max, and it couldn’t be better timing. We’ve pretty much watched all of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Quibi, YouTube, and CBS All Access, and we were in desperate need of more content, especially in the form of 10 seasons of Friends. Back when the show celebrated its 25th anniversary in September (which may as well have been three years ago), we narrowed down our 25 favorite episodes of the series. It was tough and it took forever, but we did it, and now it makes for the perfect little collection of episodes if you’re in the mood for a sprinkling of Friends but not a full binge, or if you’re in the mood to argue about the best Friends episodes. Just don’t argue with us, please. We had a hard enough time writing this list! 

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