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Tekashi 6ix9ine Calls On Rappers to Donate $100,000 to NYC

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is calling on fellow New York rappers to each put up $100,000 to help the community following the COVID-19 outbreak.”I love being from New York, but I hate being from New York from time to time. The rappers we got here, ‘I’m the king of New York, I’m the prince of New York– I’m this, that and the third. Yo, y’all really don’t put nothing on for the city,” he said.”We’re still in a pandemic here in New York. There’s families, mothers, and fathers laid off of work. Their kids is going hungry, families going hungry, senior citizens — a whole bunch of sh*t … Y’all don’t help any of these communities in need. Y’all don’t do none of that.”6ix9ine said that if rapper put up $100,000, he would match each donation with an additional $200,000. He has since deleted the video.”Don’t act like y’all don’t see this. Put your money where your mouth is.”DJ Akademiks managed to grab the video before he deleted his post. .

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