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George Floyd Was Adult Film Star – Explicit Movies LEAK Online!! (Graphic)

George Floyd, the man who was murdered by Minnesota police as he lay handcuffed on the ground – had an interesting life.George worked a number of jobs – a security guard, an Uber driver, and he was also an adult film star.MTO News located an adult video which George starred in – and that video has since gone viral.Here is the video of George Lloyd – warning EXTREMELY graphicIn the video, George performs on camera with a beautiful young woman. The two meet on camera, greet each other, and after a quick conversation – get down to action.According to online sources, the video was filmed 5 years ago. It’s not clear whether George participated in any other adult moves. Or whether this was just a one off.Protesters are currently underway around the United States, and more than $10 billion in damage is being done to US cities. Citizens are upset that Minnesota has so far refused to charge 3 of the 4 officers involved in George Floyd’s murder.Here is the video of George Lloyd – warning EXTREMELY graphic .

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