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Cardi B Drops Her Natural Hair Secrets In Kitchen Tutorial And Reveals She Signed Her Record Deal With A Fro

Cardi B is revealing her secrets to keeping her natural hair healthy underneath her lace front wigs. Pull out the notepad and pen because our girl is taking us to class! 

On Monday (June 8), the famous rapper took to her Instagram Stories to give fans a step-by-step tutorial of her at-home haircare routine, along with share the natural recipe she created to ensure her daughter Kulture has long and healthy tresses.   

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“I am doing a hair mask for Kulture,” Cardi shared while mixing fresh avocado, Shea Moisture 100% Pure Argan Oil ($11), OKAY 100% Pure Black Jamaican Castor Oil ($10), olive oil, eggs, honey, mayonnaise, and banana together in her kitchen.

“This treatment is really good for curl patterns,” the proud mom shared while showing the mixture in baby Kulture’s hair. “I don’t really have a curl pattern, but my baby does.”

In a separate video, the bikini-clad star put her fabulous mane on full display sharing, “Okay, guys, so this is really how my hair is.” 

She continued, “My hair gets like this when you blow-dry it and then two days later it gets puffed up like this—even when you braid it. This is my hair texture.”

Sharing that her hair texture is naturally straight, the Bronx beauty revealed why she opts for hair masks to keep her hair moisturized. 

“I still needed moisture and it’s just a good hair mask to help your hair grow,” she shared. “All the good things you put in your body, you’ve got to put in your hair.”

Cardi later posted this photo showing her fresh new hairdo.

“The end results of all that sh*t I put on my hair earlier,” she captioned the photo. “Treat your hair ladies…and don’t let a nikka tell you sh*t bout wearing wigs. It helps with hair growth A LOT!”

Going off Cardi’s long and flowing inches, we think she’s definitely onto something. With results like this, we would not be surprised if the “Pressed” rapper drops a natural hairline in the future. 

(Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS via Getty Images)

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