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Matthew McConaughey Vows to “Do Better as a White Man” in Candid Conversation With Emmanuel Acho – E! Online

Matthew McConaughey is asking himself, “How can I do better as a white man?”This was the subject of his discussion with Emmanuel Acho, a former NFL linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles who is now hosting the YouTube series Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man. The two men sat down together for episode two of Emmanuel’s show, which was largely focused on the questions that McConaughey had for Acho on matters like racial equality, “white allergies” and more.To start, McConaughey questioned where he could work on improving himself as “a human.” Achoe advised, “Individually, you have to acknowledge implicit bias. You have to acknowledge that you’ll see a black man and, for whatever reason, you will view them more of a threat than you will a white man. Probably because society told you to.” He added that the talk they’re engaging in is already a step in the right direction. 

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