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This Is Us’ Lonnie Chavis Pens Personal Essay on Being a Young Black Boy in Hollywood – E! Online

In his essay, Lonnie also describes moments of his parents being pulled over by police in multiple cities and fearing for his family’s safety.Lonnie continues to use his platform to become an anti-bullying advocate with an IGTV show and hashtag around #FixYourHeart. He also is urging all of his fans and followers to be part of the change.”If you don’t understand what’s going on in the world, then understand this: This is what the world looks like for me. A 12-year-old Black boy. This is my America,” Lonnie proclaimed. “Policies need to change, laws need to change, the police need to change, Hollywood needs to change, hearts need to change, America needs to change. Change has got to happen for unarmed Black citizens to not live in fear of being murdered. Can you imagine being me in 2020 and wondering what the future holds? I can’t.”To learn how to take action and get involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, please click here. 

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