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Stars You Totally Forgot Were on Parks and Recreation – E! Online

For such a small town, Pawnee has had some major A-listers stop by!We all remember some of the side characters on Parks and Recreation (like national hero and miniature horse Li’l Sebastian), but you may still be surprised by some of the very famous faces who graced the small screen for a guest role on the beloved NBC sitcom.In honor of Parks and Recreation coming to NBC’s new streaming service Peacock on July 15, we’re looking back at all of the show’s best guest stars, and on our walk down memory lane remembered how many iconic actors, or even real-life politicians, joined Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope to create one of the funniest series ever on television.From movie stars like Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd to actual political figures such as Vice President Joe Biden and former First Lady Michelle Obama, the award-winning sitcom was full of amazing guest stars and cameos that we can’t wait to see all over again when we rewatch the show.

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