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Work(out) From Home: Vanessa Hudgens’ Fave Pilates Class Will Leave You Sculpted AF – E! Online

While the workout’s results are written all over her client’s sculpted bodies, Jordan says her primary focus isn’t toning biceps and backs. “Definitely what we do is what I always call from the inside out,” she explains. “Everything is connected. You’ll hear us talking about bone alignment a lot, and then it activates all the muscles inside and out, all the way up and down the chain and head to toe.” The educators leading each class might focus, for example, on muscle functionality and posture, “So, it’s really this inside out experience where you feel better in your own skin,” she says. “You function better in your own skin, and then as a byproduct, you look better in your own skin.”Because, make no mistake, you will get the muscle tone you’re after, particularly if you follow the five celeb-beloved moves she’s sharing in the video above. And if you’re down with the, uh, wunda-ful results, you can sign up for the practice’s on demand option, that offers access to 30-minute streaming sessions—or try a LIVE class. 

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