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Crazed Arizona ‘Karen’ Claiming To Be Trump Spokesperson Destroys Target Face Mask Display

As new Covid-19 cases skyrocket in several states across the country, including Arizona, a White woman dubbed “QAnon Karen” on social media went on a rampage and knocked down a Target face mask display at a Scottsdale-area store.

The clearly disturbed woman says she was sent by the White House and a conspiracy theory group on the seek-and-destroy mission.

In the footage circulating on Twitter, she films herself attacking the masks in the Target store.

“So Target, I’m not playing anymore f***ing games, this s**t’s f***ing over,” the woman yells as she throws the packaged masks to the floor.

When employees arrived, she asked them, “Why? You let everybody else do it, but I can’t do it because I’m a blonde White woman?”

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In a later video posted on social media, three cops confronted the woman in a garage. She told them that she was a White House spokesperson before saying she “can’t give you any classified information.”

Here are the videos.

President Trump has declined to wear a face mask despite his coronavirus task force of medical experts urging everyone to wear a face cover. In June, Trump held an indoor rally in Tulsa at which there were few, if any, of his supporters wearing masks. Indeed, refusing to wear a mask in the midst of the deadly pandemic has become a sign of loyalty to Trump.

Arizona was among the last states to lockdown and among the first to reopen early. After the recent surge of new cases, the governor relented and shut down parts of Arizona’s economy for a second time. State health officials reported 3,536 new coronavirus cases and four deaths Sunday morning (July 5).

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