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Is Reaggaeton artist Bad Bunny a member of the LGBTQ community? Well MTO News obtained a pre-release copy of his recent interview with Playboy magazine, and it sure seems so.In the interview Bad Bunny started off criticizing the cisgender-heterosexual male dominated world of reggaetón and the culture at large. He told the interviewer,“The music industry and society in general [treat women] like they’re nothing. Women are human beings and deserve respect and the same treatment as anybody else.”Then he turned to sexuality and transgender. He explained his own perspective, “I think that sex is a giant world,”  “And everyone is free to see it as they want and do it with whoever they want, however they want, with infinite possibilities. In the end, we are human beings. Everybody feels, everybody falls in love with whoever they’re meant to.”He added, “There’s nothing worse than being somewhere and feeling like you don’t belong,”Bad Bunny has been rumored to be gay, or at least gender fluid for years. That’s because the Latin music star frequently dresses up like a woman.The “En Casita” singer, real name Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, most recently dressed as a female for the music video for his track “Yo Perreo Sola” to show the female perspective implicit in the song. Look: .

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