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Kevin Hart on Playing a “Scrappy Action Star” in New Series Die Hart – E! Online

A new type of action star.
A career pivot may be in order for Kevin Hart, since, according to him, he’s much better suited for action than comedy! 
By Kevin’s own admission, and despite the fact that he’s already starred in a few action flicks, he doesn’t exactly possess the typical traits of an action hero. However, his new Quibi show Die Hart pretty much personifies the genre. 
In the series, which also stars Nathalie Emmanuel, Kevin play a fictionalized version of himself on a quest to land the action-movie role of a lifetime. The actor discussed the role in an exclusive conversation with E! host Lilliana Vazquez, which you can watch in the above clip!
“As an action star that has all of the tools to be exactly what you would expect to see…” Kevan said in the video before telling the Pop of the Morning host what exactly those tools are, starting with “a deep voice.”
“You know, they feel like action stars need this crazy tone and I don’t have that,” Kevin said. “But I’m still able to come across with the action stuff.” 

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