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HL Readers: Please Tell Us How The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Affected Your Life – Take Our Survey

July 30, 2020 10:17AM EDT

To our beloved HL readers: we hope you’re all staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the crisis rages on in the US and around the world, we want to know how it’s affected you, personally. That’s why we’ve created this coronavirus survey.
It’s been months since the coronavirus pandemic first began, and the world is still in turmoil. Our everyday lives were upended as fear of catching and spreading the highly contagious, and sometimes deadly, virus became commonplace. Students were sent home from school and workers from their offices, nonessential businesses closed, and protective face masks became commonplace. An estimated global 16,809,914 infections and 660,718 deaths later, as of July 28, little has changed.

But we want to hear from you about your personal experiences during this unprecedented time. In our new survey, we’d like to know how the COVID-19 crisis has affected your life so far. What are your greatest fears about life amidst a pandemic? How are you coping with social distancing and not being able to visit your favorite stores and restaurants? Do you have any new hobbies or activities that you’re proud of starting? Have any celebrities stuck out to you as new role models, whether it’s for their use of protective gear, or using their star power as a platform for change?
Our survey takes just a few minutes of your time to fill out. We appreciate your time and effort! Regardless, everyone here at HollywoodLife wants you to stay safe, healthy, and happy, during the pandemic and beyond.

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