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Rihanna Opens Up About Her Insecurities That Led Her to Launch Fenty Skin – E! Online

Apparently, the Fenty Skin Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum has been Rihanna’s saving grace when it comes to that issue.
“I finally started to believe in toner. Because I didn’t understand what toner did besides strip my skin all the time,” she said. “It always felt really dry after, like I just cleaned it with something really harsh, and I don’t like that feeling.”
Now, the toner is “one of my favorite products that we’ve made so far,” the music superstar and business mogul added. 
And since the product addressed a specific issue of the singer’s, Morgan asked if she had her own skin in mind versus a general approach when creating the line.
“Well, no because I’ve been through several stages of skincare issues, whether it started with acne or products that were too harsh and discoloring my skin, to hyperpigmentation…to getting older, being on a plane all day all night,” Rihanna responded. “There’s so many things that affect the performance of your skin.”
“I had to take all of that into account when making these products,” she added.

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