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DJ Akademiks Goes At Meek Mill Again: You

DJ Akademiks is not letting up on Philly rapper Meek Mill — and this time Meek’s street credibility is in question.”Meek, you’re not that n*gga. You can bully these little n*ggas, but I want you on an industry level to bully me. You can’t do it — I’m not challenging Meek on no street level. I’m challenging Meek because he thinks he’s that n*gga. Meek, you cannot do anything on an industry level to Akademiks,” he said on Twitch.He then taunts Meek — claiming his management has silenced him.”When you think you can, talk to me. Otherwise, I heard Roc Nation put you on mute, put you on mute — You thinking that you could cancel me, you must be out of your f*cking mind. I’ll sit here everyday and say that. Meek Mill can’t do nothing. Who do you think I am Meek? You’re unimportant. You think this 2015 or 2016 or even 2014 … What are you gonna doing? Because Akademiks is gonna do with he do.”Watch Ak’s full rant below. .

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