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What’s your 2020 mood? Reese Witherspoon’s meme trend goes viral

Reese Witherspoon has inspired celebrities to jump on new “2020 moods” meme. (Photo: Reuters)If you think you’ve gone through every emotion possible this year, you’re not alone. Reese Witherspoon had some fun with the rollercoaster we’ve been on by launching a meme that’s probably taking over your social media feeds.So, what is it?Basically, celebrities are using pictures of themselves to share how their emotions have changed each month of this wild year with the “2020 moods” meme.Witherspoon’s post went viral this week after she shared a collage of photos of characters she has played matching a different month in 2020. January featured a peppy shot of Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods, as I’m sure like most of us, the actress felt excited to start a new year not knowing a global pandemic was looming. June, July, August and September are basically Groundhog Day, best depicted by her character in Wild who is out in the wilderness on a journey of self-discovery. There have been some breakdowns in the months between, obviously.Witherspoon’s famous friends, including Mindy Kaling, Kerry Washington and Viola Davis, were quick to jump on what’s been dubbed the “Reese Witherspoon Challenge.” Here are some of the best ones:Read more from Yahoo Entertainment:

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