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Bravo Stars Gizelle Bryant and Leah McSweeney on the Importance of Talking to Their Kids About Racism – E! Online

Bryant says her three teenage daughters, twins Angel and Adore, 14, and Grace, 15, have experienced racism growing up. “You know, there’s the non-overt things. Like, you know my daughter goes to high school and she’ll sit down and the white kids will move away from her. And they’ll say, well, you know, they feel like she might steal from them because she’s Black,” Bryant explains. “They asked her, you know, where does she live? Of course she lives in the ghetto, because she’s Black. You know, there’s underlying, ‘Oh, because you’re Black, it’s assumed that you are a thief, a criminal, and you live in poverty.’ So, things like that, which aren’t as in your face as someone calling you the N word, but they’re still hurtful, they’re still wrong. And, you know, they need to stop.”

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