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Why Katy Perry Is Defending Her Supportive Tweet About Ellen DeGeneres – E! Online

BuzzFeed News also published a separate report at the end of July in which former employees accused executive producers of sexual misconduct or harassment. E! News did not name these producers. One producer denied “any kind of sexual impropriety,” and another is “100 percent categorically denying” the accusations. A third producer did not respond to a request for comment. Warner Bros. also declined to comment on specific allegations; however, the company told BuzzFeed News it “hoped to determine the validity and extent of publicly reported allegations and to understand the full breadth of the show’s day-to-day culture.”
After the outlet published the reports, a source who used to work on The Ellen DeGeneres Show told E! News, “I did not see anything out of the norm. There were definitely inappropriate things said. I wasn’t ever offended. I never felt any malice.”
“I don’t really have anything dramatic or outstanding in my time there,” the source added. “Having to stay after all the executive producers left for the day, often times they were just shooting the s–t until after 8 p.m, people getting yelled at because white boards weren’t done properly, that kind of stuff but not abusive. Inappropriate things were said that in this climate you can’t say now.”
To read Perry’s full interview, check out the Los Angeles Times.

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