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YouTube Star Camryn Clifford Says She’s ‘Heartbroken’ After Husband Landon Clifford’s Death

Camryn Clifford opened up the death of husband Landon in this deeply 36 minute post, describing it as ‘the hardest video I’ve ever had to make.’

Camryn Clifford, 19, is mourning the unexpected loss of husband Landon Clifford. The YouTube star tragically passed away at just 19-years-old on Friday, Aug. 21. “This is definitely going to be the hardest video that I’ve ever had to make,” Camryn said in the 36-minute video. “I am heartbroken. Collette is confused. There is no way that we’re better off without him,” she said, referencing her eldest daughter, born in 2018. The couple also share daughter Delilah, who was born in 2019.
The Wichita Falls native went on to describe that her husband Landon had been struggling with his mental health behind the scenes, and specifically, ADHD, depression and anxiety. “Around the time I got pregnant with Delilah, he fell into a depression. We tried for Delilah, she wasn’t an accident….There was other things going on with our lives that we didn’t really talk about…Many factors just kind of contributed to the fact that his mental health just wasn’t really great at the time,” the mom-of-two confessed. “I am heartbroken…He always put others above himself,” Camryn went on, adding, “Even in death, he was caring about people.”

Camryn & Landon Clifford. (Cam&Fam/Youtube)“I know Landon…I know he was not thinking rationally. He’s a very impulsive person,” she said, confirming that he did not leave a note. “He always has been and he does things without thinking and I think he felt guilty about how everything has gone for the past year and I think he just felt like a burden and like we’d be better off without him, which is so far from the truth and I wish he would have known that,” she said, explaining he had been seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed medications to help Landon.
Despite her incredibly tragic loss, Camryn appeared strong and poised in the touching video — also recounting her emotional final goodbye. The 19-year-old described various symbols referencing their June 22 anniversary, including that Landon died at 2:22 and that his hospital room number was also 22. Prior to his death, Landon was in a coma for almost a week. “If he knew everything that would follow after he did what he did, he wouldn’t have…That’s why I am here to tell his story because there are so many people out there who need to hear about what comes after,” she said.
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