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Trump Supporters Protest In Beverly Hills and Get Violent in Portland

Over the weekend, protests against police violence continued all over the country from Washington, D.C to Portland, Oregon. However, a group of Trump supporters decided to protest in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday, August 29. 

According to several published reports, about 100 Trump supporters gathered in Beverly Gardens Park, which is in Beverly Hills. It’s not clear what they were protesting but they stomped through the park with massive Trump signs. Counter protesters arrived, causing a clash between the two groups. 

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The Los Angeles Times reports “a small skirmish broke out and someone from the counter-protest group threw an object at officers,” which made law enforcement declare the gathering unlawful.No injuries were reported and “one person was arrested for allegedly using threatening language or behavior while interfering with police efforts to break up the crowd,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

See video of the protest below:

A protest in Portland, Oregon on August 29 left one person dead. According to the New York Times, “hundreds of trucks” full of Trump supporters flooded the city. They clashed with the counterproteters and one person was fatally shot.

The  New York Times reports the victim is a man affiliated with a right-wing group named Patriot Prayer and the Associated Press claims his name was Aaron “Jay” Danielson. On August 30, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said in a statement, “We need to reset. The president needs to reset. I need to reset. This community needs to reset. And America needs to reset. It’s going to take his leadership in the White House. And it’s going to take my leadership here in City Hall.”Trump responded on Twitter by calling Wheeler a “dummy” and “wacky.”

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