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Megan Thee Stallion Slams Abuse Rumors: Stop Lyin

Megan Thee Stallion took to Instagram Live to shut down rumors that she abused an ex.The ex, named Karim York, made the claims and then people put two and two together and assumed it was Megan. She then called him, while recording the call — and York confirmed it was not her.”I don’t like when people flat out tell lies. So, I just saw some bullsh*t talking about — and I know who it is and they really like, they antagonize me every day online. They pick with me every goddamn day. They always making up stories about me. And now I really feel like I’m gonna have to start doing something about it ’cause you n*ggas are really crazy.”She later adds, “Stop lying on me,. That n*gga not talkin’ ’bout me. Stop puttin’ n*ggas on me. Stop making stories up. F*ck y’all, ’cause I’mma hit you with the facts every time you tell a lie.”  .

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