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Jane Fonda Recalls Telling Kim Kardashian She Has a “Beautiful” Butt – E! Online

Jane Fonda likes beautiful butts and she cannot lie.
Throughout her long career in Hollywood, the A-list actress has had the opportunity to meet some fabulous people. And while appearing on the Sept. 17 episode of Watch What Happens Live, Jane couldn’t help but share a story of an evening out with Kim Kardashian.
“We used to go to the same manicurist and we’d chat from her seat to my seat,” Jane recalled during a game of “Have! You! Met Them?!” with host Andy Cohen. “Very friendly, just one of the gals.”
And then there was Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala in Feb. 2012 where Jane couldn’t help but share a compliment about Kim’s backside. 
“I’ll tell you a story,” she began. “I was at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammys party and I was kneeling on the floor talking to Gladys Knight because Georgia is my second home and Gladys lives in Georgia and I turned around to get up and right in my face was this shape.”

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