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Southern Charm’s First Cast Member of Color Leva Bonaparte Talks Race, White Privilege & More – E! Online

“I mean, all these things have bled into friendships all over America, right? So this is just a pocket of people who were affected by the climate of America and to ignore that would be so incredibly tone-deaf,” Leva said. “So of course all of that, all of the COVID, all of the Black Lives Matter, politics…all these things bled into our friendships and I’m sure you’re going to see a synopsis, so to speak, of the many, many conversations that were head.”
The trailer for season seven even shows Leva confronting co-star Kathryn Dennis about her “white privilege” (Dennis is a descendent of John C. Calhoun, a vice president who supported slavery).
“Awkward!” Leva laughed when asked about that particular moment, adding, “‘Hey this thing you said was highly offensive. Like, are you aware?’ For me that conversation, it just comes from some choices she had made in her communications with people, and I just in one sense was trying to allow her to come off of the anxiety of just burying her head in the sand and allowing her to understand why navigating through life without understanding the person that you’re talking to’s background can be dangerous and can be harmful and can be hateful even if it’s not meant to be.”

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