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How Hannah Brown Prepared Matt James For Filming The Bachelor – E! Online

Now that Matt is also following in Hannah’s footsteps as a Bachelor franchise lead, she did her absolute best to prepare him for what he was about to be dealing with. She not only sent him a journal of her own thoughts, but she got his mom to write him a letter too. 
“My biggest thing for him is just like, remember who you are,” she said. “These are your choices, it’s your life. Prepare. Write down what you want in a wife, what type of life do you want so that when you go on these dates, you can look back and be like, ‘Is this lining up or was that just a magical date because there are fireworks and the horses and the violinists?'”
The best way to find success on the show, Hannah explained, is to not “get wrapped up in it.”
“You can, and it’s nobody’s fault. It’s just an alternate reality,” she said. “Reality TV—it’s still real, but it’s different.” 

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